December Property Rush with Harcourts Platinum

It seems that the December shopping list includes Property this year – with Harcourts Platinum experiencing their busiest December in 5 years.

Typically December isn’t the most active time in Real Estate, as most buyers commence their vacation and switch into “holiday mode”.

But Harcourts Platinum in Somerset West reports that there is much activity and there is a steady stream of enquiries for their property listings. 

“We’ve had good sales in Somerset West, and a buzz of activity in Gordon’s Bay”, says Steve Caradoc-Davies, principal of Harcourts Platinum.

“What’s interesting to note is that about 25% of our December sales thus far have been Cash – which is a refreshing change from the usual”, says Caradoc-Davies.

Statistics from the banks confirm that about 48% of all bond applicants in South Africa have Credit History problems, which makes obtaining house finance unlikely.  So Cash sales are very attractive to property Sellers – who know they have a guaranteed sale.

Despite a difficult economic year, it’s reassuring to see that property purchasers are making the commitment to buy property when they see it is fairly priced and meets their needs.

One thought on “December Property Rush with Harcourts Platinum

  1. Enjoy and appreciate the open and honest comments as related to current and future property market conditions. Keep up the great work.

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