Sellers Ask: Do Showhouses Really Work?

Many Sellers wonder if putting their property On Show will assist in the selling process. The answer is “Yes”. But it’s important to appreciate a few very important facts around Showhouses.

Firstly – Showhouses need to be properly planned and advertised. Sticking up a few “On Show” boards and hoping for the best is not going to work.

If a property is newly listed then having a Showhouse is an absolute must. There is a pool of buyers in the market at any one point in time, and when a new property is listed in their price range they will come and view it.

However, the full benefits of a Showhouse will only be enjoyed by you if your estate agent offers you some additional marketing to this pool of buyers. This marketing is specifically designed to appeal to the buyers looking for a new listing and would include the following:

• Email Marketing to a database of qualified buyers who are already looking for property. Ask your estate agent if they have a database of buyers, how many buyers are in the database, and how they will be marketing to them. The email marketing should include photographs, property details, and a link to your listing on their website. If they can’t give you satisfactory answers then think about listing with an agent who can. The agent should also be able to track which of their buyers view the email marketing so they can follow up on the interest.

• Showhouse invitations to your neighbors. Your neighbors may well know someone who is looking to buy in your area. They may also be renting a property and want to purchase themselves. True, some of them may just be “nosy” – but these invitations frequently lead to sales, so don’t lose out on the opportunity.

• Print advertising in the week of the Showhouse. You should have your property advertised in Print the week of the showhouse to maximize buyer inquiry. At the very least, your property should be advertised in the Showhouse Block in Boland Sold. Buyers read this block and plan to attend showhouses that are advertised.

Well planned showhouses that coincide with your print marketing is a very effective way to attract interest from potential purchasers. For many buyers the Sunday afternoon showhouse is their main “shopping time” to view properties, especially for those who work in the week.

When putting your property On Show, remember to ensure that all valuables are out of sight. There is always the risk of theft, although it is not common in the Helderberg area.

Make sure your property looks appealing to purchasers by ensuring the pool and garden are neat, bedrooms and bathrooms are clean, living rooms and kitchen look inviting, and carpets are clean. Smelly pets also don’t help your cause – so take them with you for the afternoon where possible. And there is nothing more homely and appealing than the smell of freshly brewed coffee and home-baked cake…….

As a seller you need to use every opportunity to attract quality buyers. Showhouses are an important part of the sales process. Many homes are sold directly from showhouses. And even if your showhouse doesn’t yield a buyer straight away, if there is buyer interest and you are On Show it will mean they need to act quickly to offer on your property before someone else does!

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