How Sellers Can Prepare Their Home “For Sale”

Remember when you used to date? We had to look our best to make sure we made a positive impression. Selling your home and making a positive impression on a potential buyer is no different.

Yet sadly many sellers list their homes for sale without ensuring their property is looking its’ absolute best. They lose out on making a really positive impression on the buyer, and as a result they often are offered less than their property deserves.

The fact is that you only get one chance to make a first impression. That first impression is critical to achieving the best price for your home.

Statistics show that 70% of all property purchasers are made emotionally, and then justified with logic. The way your home presents to the buyers plays a significant role in getting a purchaser to make an emotional connection with the property and then offering you their best.

Here are some valuable tips to ensure your property presents as it should:

• Clean up the garden. Ensure the grass is cut, flower beds are free of weeds, and the lawn is free of dog poop.

• If you have a pool, ensure it is kept clean. A sparkling pool makes a great impression – a green pool does not.

• Make sure the entrance is looking its’ best. Keep it clean, repaint if needed. The front door should open and close easily without sticking or leaking.

• Have all roof leaks professionally repaired. You are legally obligated to disclose them to a buyer – so take away the problem by having them repaired and ensuring the ceiling shows no damage.

• Make sure all your light fittings are in good working order – and replace dead globes • Ensure the carpets are clean and smell good. It’s not always necessary to replace – but keep them clean.

• The kitchen and bathroom score big points with buyers. Make sure they are always spotless. Smelly laundry in the bathroom doesn’t help – nor do dirty dishes.

• If there are missing kitchen or bedroom cupboard handles then have them replaced.

• If you have pets ensure they are put safely away when buyers come through. Not everyone shares your love for pets. And smelly pets can turn a buyer off in seconds. If you have indoor pets try air fresheners to mask the pet smell.

• Clean the gutters and fascia’s, and repaint if needed. Leaking gutters are a sure sign that a property is poorly maintained.

• If it’s overcast outside, switch your lights on and pull the curtains open. No one likes dark rooms.

• Empty the garage of old junk and make sure it’s always clean.

• Clean the gutters and fascia’s, and repaint if needed.

• De-clutter. Most of us collect stuff over the years and our living rooms are often over-crowded. Ask the advice of your agent or someone in “the know” and move your excess clutter out of the house. Buyers need to see space.Leaking gutters are a sure sign that a property is poorly maintained.

• Don’t forget the power of the sense of smell. Fresh coffee, baked biscuits, fresh flowers.

If in doubt get the objective opinion of someone else. As difficult as it may be, don’t take the comments personally. We’ve seen that giving attention to these issues can add as much as 10% to the selling price of your home – and for most sellers that’s a significant amount of money.

Your professional agent will be able to give you the advice you need to make sure your property makes a great first impression with potential buyers so that you get the price you deserve.

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