Technology in Real Estate

“Times-they-are-a-changing”. Technology is improving at a rate never seen before. But just what benefit, if any, does technology offer a property seller?

In the “old days” when I first started selling property we had our listing files, with hundreds of properties for sale. When we received a buyer enquiry we used to page through our files, trying to select properties that were suitable for buyers.

Today technology allows this process to happen in seconds. Harcourts, for example, has an incredibly powerful software system called Harcourts One.

Enter the buyer, their details, and email address, and the system automatically matches the client to all suitable listings. With the click of a few more buttons these properties can be emailed to the buyer, with full property details, and a link through to the website listing where even more information can be found.

An intelligent system can even tell the agent when the buyer viewed a specific property, and how many times – thus indicating their interest level. That means when a real estate company has a database of buyers, such as the 1500+ at Harcourts Platinum, a property could sell even before the first advert is placed.

But technology goes much further. It also allows full activity history on each property listing to be recorded, such as website views, marketing placed, buyer inspections, and buyer comments – allowing both seller and agent to know at any point in time what the level of activity and interest is.

For the seller that means they should be receiving a very high level of communication from their agent – with regular feedback on the selling process. And a high level of communication means the seller will remain in control.

Systems like Harcourts One allow listings to be automatically uploaded to other property portals, thus giving a seller maximum online exposure.

Virtual tours, floorplan presentations, and Google mapping mean that buyers can obtain all the information they need to make a decision to physically view a property. A far cry from the old single photo window card and black and white information sheet.
The iPad has introduced another dimension in portable technology. Applications now allow a Harcourts agents to map the floorplan on a home in minutes. Marketing plans can be created in front of a seller in seconds. And buyers can be matched to listings in seconds while sitting in the comfort of their home or car.

QR Codes, or Quick Response codes, allow a customer to scan a unique code on their cell phone and be directed to a website where they can receive information on a listing. This technology is being used by Harcourts on their unique photo “For Sale” boards, where the QR code appears for each listing. Buyers can received details of the property instantly and contact the agent to view.

There is no doubt that technology allows a property to be marketing to more people, faster than ever before. It gives full control over the selling process to a seller and that’s how it should be.

As exciting as technology is, it must be remembered that it is just a tool and can never replace the importance of personal contact – time spent in person with the customer. If you are a property seller and want all that technology can offer you, then talk to a real estate agent that can offer you the best technology there is, combined with high levels of professional service.

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