What Sellers Really Want

The Real Estate industry has gone a long way to becoming more professional over the past few years. There is no doubt that standards are higher. Yet many customers still complain they don’t really get what they are looking for from estate agents.

If one considers what a property Seller is usually offered from an estate agent, it differs very little from company to company:

  • Market valuation
  • Sole Mandate with an agreed commission
  • A level of advertising determined by the estate agency – boards, print, and electronic marketing
  • Showhouses, flyers, and an open house where the opposition agents attend
  • Irregular feedback
  • Little after-sales service

True, there are exceptions where individual agents may well exceed the offering. But for the most part, that’s it.

In a public survey conducted by Harcourts it’s interesting that the number one thing Sellers wanted from their estate agent was Honesty. That’s sad really. But it shows that Sellers are sick and tired of being told stuff that’s just not true.

The biggest issue is Pricing. Estate agents know that sellers generally list with the agent that promises the highest price. The truth is, the agent has no influence on the market value. The market does – and the market is made up of the buyers.

So, if a Seller wants honesty, then list with the agent that substantiates their appraisal valuation with facts – with evidence. If you list with the agent that “buys” your listing you are making a conscious choice to work with a dishonest agent.

The second thing that Sellers wanted was Choice. They are tired of not having any choice in what marketing and advertising they may have. They want some input. And the truth is, you’re entitled to it!

The third thing Sellers want is Communication. It’s unacceptable that an agent would bring through a buyer and not have the courtesy to give you feedback on the viewing. And it’s unacceptable that you never hear from an agent again after you have signed the offer.

Sellers, you are entitled to so much more. There are good estate agents out there who can offer you all of the above. Don’t settle for less. Selling your property is serious business, and for most of us, our property is our biggest asset.

So when you are considering selling interview 3 different estate agents. Compare their offering, their marketing, their service, their appraisal. Are they offering you Choice? What Service do they undertake to provide? And is their appraisal supported by facts, indicating they are dealing Honestly with you? Or are they buying your listing?

It’s time Sellers demanded more from their estate agents. The truth is, you deserve more!

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