What Service Do You Expect from Estate Agents?

What service do you think customers are entitled to from an estate agent? Different customers have different opinions, depending on which side of the “consumer fence” you’re sitting on.

Sadly, many consumers don’t understand the importance of Customer Service in real estate, until they’ve had a really bad experience. And that experience has either soured their experience, or cost them money.

We’ve learnt that different customers have different expectations. So the most important aspect of customer service is to establish at the outset exactly what the customer wants.

For example, as a property Seller – have you been offered a minimum service level from your agent? This should include feedback after buyer viewings and showhouses. It should also cover weekly and monthly feedback on the marketing activity, such as how many buyer inquiries were received and from where.

It’s critical to the selling process to know what potential purchasers think of your property. Are there any comments on what puts buyers off? In many cases these may be issues that can be addressed.

If you don’t receive this feedback it’s really difficult to know what to do in order to sell. And it’s a critical component of customer service that a professional agent needs to deliver.

If you are a buyer, have you been offered the opportunity to be emailed notifications as soon as a suitable property is listed? It’s technology that’s available – and why shouldn’t you be the first to know of a great new listing?

Most customers complain about service after the contract is signed – and this is where most agents fall down. It’s really important to be kept informed of the progress to transfer, and of any unforeseen delays.

It is noticeable that, as standards and technology improve, so does a customer’s expectation of what good service is. For example, if you wanted to contact an agent in 1990 you would have been happy with a response within a day.

Today, with cell phones, emails delivered to your smartphone, and instant communication, as you send an email you are staring at the computer screen waiting for a response. That’s progress for you.

From time-to-time Harcourts Platinum conducts surveys to see what consumers really want.

If you have a comment one what you believe are important aspects of customer service related to the purchase or sale of property, or the renting of one, then please email info.platinum@harcourts.co.za.

Kindly state what you believe to be really important, and whether you are commenting as a seller, buyer, tenant, or landlord.

At the end of the day, if you’re not happy with the service you receive from your estate agent then move to someone who delivers what you want. It’s time the customer received exactly what they deserve!

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