Real Estate and You

Ever wondered if you were cut out to be a real estate agent? Just what does it take to be a successful estate agent?

The real estate industry is really competitive – just like most other industries out there. But in most cases it’s really overtraded. The volume of real estate sales isn’t sufficient to support the number of agents in the marketplace. That’s why the number of licensed real estate agents in South Africa has dropped from over 80 000 in 2005, to about 30 000 today.

But that doesn’t mean real estate isn’t the career for you. There are many highly successful estate agents today. So what does it take to be in the to 10% that make it, while the rest don’t?

It’s a combination of a few factors, of which these are the most critical:

• Personality
You need to love helping people. Estate agents sell houses – but what sets the best apart from the rest is their genuine interest in helping people. You need to be able to listen to your customers’ needs, and then identify which product or service they need. Then commit totally to delivering it.

• Skills
You need to be able to communicate, so good oral and written communication skills are important. Computer skills are needed to use technology well. Local area knowledge is a bonus. What you lack in skills can be taught, provided you have access to the right training, and provided you have the right attitude.

• Attitude
This is the key. Together with your personality it will determine how successful you are. Determination, self-discipline, and the ability to work exceptionally hard are critical. Nothing will just happen, you have to make it happen. Are you able to focus on goals? Can you discipline yourself to do the activities needed for results? Are you “hungry” enough to find the business? Are you courageous? And are you prepared to work with a team, or you are all about yourself?

The best real estate agents fit the description above. But in addition to these qualities, the best need access to resources that will enable them to be the best they can be.

Without the correct resources you just won’t be able to compete with the best.

The best agents need to best technology. It’s technology that let’s you do more in less time, stay in contact with your customers, deliver real-time reports, marketing instantly to multiple customer bases, and deliver efficient service.

Without the best training you won’t be able to provide your customers with the best marketing and selling methods, or advice on legislation and taxation that impacts on the decisions they make.

One of the most critical resources is marketing. An agent can have the most amazing skills, the ideal personality, and a great attitude – but not have the ability or resources to market their listings, and they won’t be successful.

Marketing is key. And it’s not just a logo I’m referring to. It’s the ability of a company to market print and electronically in places where buyers shop. It’s also their ability to move with the times and market using the latest technology.

So, if you meet the criteria above, and enjoy helping people, then a career as an estate agent could be just what you’re looking for. Team up with a company that offers you the best training, technology, marketing, and coaching – and you will be successful. For a no-obligation chat about real estate and what it entails, feel free to contact the writer on the details below.

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