Getting the most for your property

Every seller wants to get the maximum for their property. What most estate agents don’t tell a seller is what they can do, sometimes at very little cost, to do this.

Here are a few simple tips that will help you sell for more:

1. You only get one chance at a 1st impression. When a buyer enters your home the negative or positive impression will grow. Try and see your property through the eyes of a buyer. What could you do to make it better?
2. Keep it light and bright. Look for ways to create light. Can you lighten a dark wall? Change the globes to brighter ones? Add a lamp? Pull the curtains open for viewings? Light is critical to you as a seller – use it!
3. Do you have street appeal? Buyers will often judge before they enter. They may even make the decision to call the agent based on your street appeal, or lack thereof. Gardens, driveways, and painting all play a role.
4. Space is vital. Overcrowded rooms make them look smaller. Less is more.
5. Keep it uncluttered. Clutter turns buyers off. Remove the stuff, especially kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, and living rooms.
6. Keep it fresh. And we mean the scent. A scent can attract or turn a buyer right off. Open windows to get fresh air in. Scented candles will help. Cigarette smoke and food odors don’t.
7. Not everyone likes pets. In fact, for someone who doesn’t like pets, walking into a home that smells of pets is an immediate turnoff. Some buyers are allergic to cats and dogs. Keep them out of the way for viewings, and try your best to remove pet smells.
8. Sounds play a big role. Soft, soothing music helps to relax buyers. Keep it subtle. Your agent may have some suggestions.
9. Keep the garden and pool in shape. A neat garden and sparkling pool are features that add value. Green pools and overgrown gardens do the opposite.
10. Clean your windows. It gives extra shine to your home. Hire someone to help. It’s worth the cost!
11. Add a splash of colour. Yellow is great. Lemons or oranges in a bowl, or fresh flowers work well.
12. While buyers are viewing, stay away. I know it’s a tough one, but the buyers are buying the home, not the occupants. Give your agent the space they need to do their job, and give buyers the freedom view without the pressure of you being there – where they can express themselves openly. A professional agent will give you good feedback.
13. Don’t do the big stuff. First work out if it’s worth the time, effort, and expense to tackle the big projects. Often it’s not. You need to be sure they will add value and impact on buyer interest before you start.

When you make the decision to sell it’s tempting to list straight away without considering what needs to be done to make a great first impression. In our experience at Harcourts, giving attention to these basic things can mean you sell for up to 10% more than if you just rushed to the market.

A professional agent will be happy to give you advice specific for your property. Call us for advice on how to get the most for your home, or speak to a professional agent you trust.

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