Valuable Tips on Where Sellers Should Advertise Their Properties

If marketing and advertising are the keys to achieving the highest possible price in the market, then were are the best places to advertise your property?

There are some very powerful marketing vehicles available to ensure you reach the most buyers for your property:

Print advertising

For decades print marketing was the most widely used marketing method.  Buyers images (2)would religiously find the local newspapers and pour through the various listings, circling the properties of interest.

Does print marketing still work?  The short answer is “Yes”.  Whilst print marketing has lost its dominance, it is still a very strong advertising medium.  The South African public, to a large extent, still relies on print marketing to source properties that are for sale.

As print is fairly costly in comparison to website marketing many estate agencies have cut back significantly on their print advertising.  This means there are fewer homes advertised in print, and it’s easier for your property to stand out from the crowd if it enjoys print marketing.

At Harcourts Platinum we can confirm that, when our listings appear in print, there is a significant increase in the website activity on that listing.  So it is a fact that print drives online marketing.  A purchaser will see a property advertised in print, go to the agency’s website, and enter the web reference number.  They will then have access to multiple photos, video, and all the property information they require.

Website advertising

What a powerful tool the internet has become for advertising.  Buyers frequent sites like and and search through thousands of properties for suitable homes.  In addition to this, the individual websites of estate agencies carry the hundreds of listings.

Buyers have instant access to Technologymultiple photo’s, floor plans, video, and all the additional information they require.  Enquiries can be made at the click of a button.

Website marketing has become so popular that sometimes it can be difficult to filter through all the properties to source the ones that are of interest.  In addition to this, sometimes a property can be listed by different companies multiple times – even at different prices.

To counter this some websites sell “Feature Listing” spots where a property can be spotlighted to prevent it getting lost.


Boards still remain a very effective way of attracting buyers that drive through an area.  Buyers already know where a property is, and what it looks like from the road.  About 25% of all buyer enquiries at Harcourts Platinum result from boards, especially our unique photo boards. on-show

The benefits of show houses and database marketing have been discussed in previous articles.

Important to remember is that a marketing plan needs to incorporate many different advertising methods – not just one.  A combination of the correct advertising will throw the net really wide to ensure that all potential buyers are attracted to your property.

It’s the only way to ensure you get the most the market will pay.

Steve Caradoc-Davies

Principal, Harcourts Platinum

Director, Harcourts South Africa

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