Introducing Virtual and Augmented Reality to Real Estate

For years real estate remained stuck in the world of the marketing “dark ages”.  You could often find out more about a R500 camera than a R 2 million property.

No more.  New technologies have created new ways to market property.  Harcourts Platinum in Somerset West is one of the first agencies to embrace the technology and offer it to all their exclusive sellers.

Virtual Reality marketing allows you to virtually walk through property, either on your smart phone, tablet, or PC – or by using your smart phone with Virtual Reality goggles.  You can be lying on the beach, or sitting in London, and navigate through a property as if you were standing in it.

Special cameras allow these tours to be created for existing properties.  But what of a property not yet constructed?  Harcourts Platinum has introduced the Virtual Reality features for many of their new developments – so you can now visualize a property that only exists on paper!

Augmented Reality is even more cutting edge.  After downloading a free App from the Google Play or Apple Store (Harcourts Platinum AR), you can scan any photo from Harcourts with the AR logo. The image will “come to life” in video, with links to the Virtual Reality tours, the websites, and even other listings.

For developments the Augmented Reality App opens to door to all the development information, virtual reality tours, Interactive Site Development Plans, and the like.  This technology links print marketing with digital marketing – giving you the best of both worlds.

For buyers this means you enjoy an interactive viewing experience and can make a shortlist of the properties you really want to view – even experiencing off-plan properties coming to life.  For sellers, you can reduce the number of unqualified buyers through your property, and ensure your property stands out in the crowd – thus increasing buyer competition and selling for more.

It changes the way you view property – and it’s available right here through Harcourts Platinum.

For more information phone Janine on 021-8512614, watch the video at, or see the Harcourts print advert in this issue.


Steve Caradoc-Davies
Principal, Harcourts Platinum

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