Does Print Advertising Still Work?

When it comes to selling your property, just how important is print advertising? With all the new online marketing platforms available, is it really necessary to go to the expense of marketing in print as well?

It certainly is true that there are a number of alternative marketing mediums in the modern world. The Internet has provided many powerful platforms to market property and property portals can include video, multiple images, and walk-through virtual reality tours – as well as the ability to search for properties in a specific price range and geographic location.

Whilst some of the online marketing options are very costly, the basic property portal listing is relatively inexpensive when compared to print marketing. As a result most real estate companies commit the bulk of their budget to the online marketing mediums. But is that where all the buyers are sourced?

There is no doubt that a large section of buyers do search for property online. It’s convenient, easily accessible, and instant. However, it would be a mistake to conclude that buyers don’t also search for properties advertised in print. In our experience, the buyer who searches in print is often a very different buyer to the one searching online.

For example, when searching online a purchaser usually includes a specific location and price range. They may well miss a potential property that falls outside their initial search parameters. The purchaser who looks through print marketing may be drawn to a specific property that appeals to them that they would have missed in an online search. In many cases they end up purchasing in a location they hadn’t considered, or in a different price range.

It would be a mistake, though, to see the different marketing platforms in isolation. The strongest marketing strategies use all available marketing mediums in collaboration with each other. For example, when our properties are advertised in print we also include the web reference number. Almost without fail, when a property is marketed in print there is a corresponding increase in the online views of that listing – showing how offline marketing drives online marketing.

In addition to this new Augmented Reality marketing allows you to scan an image that appears in a print advertisement with your Smartphone, and have instant access to all the digital marketing related to that property as well, instantly.

It would be safe to conclude then, that the best marketing plan for your property is the one that uses all forms of advertising in a structured plan to attract the widest pool of qualified buyers. Every buyer enquiry is important, and the more competition there is the more you will sell for.  When you are deciding which real estate company to list with, find out exactly what their marketing strategy is and how they will use all the marketing mediums available to find you the very best buyer.

Steve Caradoc-Davies


Harcourts Platinum

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