A Career as an Intern Estate Agent

Real Estate is the most rewarding career on the planet!  OK, I’m biased.  More than 28 years in the industry can do that to you.  But all jokes aside – the career of a real estate agent is exceptionally satisfying.

Real Estate, as an industry, has done a lot to clean up its’ act over the past 10 years.  Changes in legislation have required that agents are properly trained and qualified.  And rightly so – the process of buying and selling a property is not to be taken lightly.

For someone wanting to get into the industry though, there are a number of challenges that need to be addressed.

New agents need to acquire an NQF4 qualification.  This process is time-consuming and potentially costly.  Additionally, whilst the content is good, it doesn’t teach you skills that you need in order to list and sell effectively.

Every Intern needs to be mentored.  Most real estate offices won’t be geared to offer Interns that kind of support.   Being assigned a qualified mentor is critical if an Intern is to get the training, direction, and support necessary to function effectively.

At Harcourts Platinum, we’ve just rolled out a 12 Month Intern program that takes an agent from a complete novice to having the world-class skills needed to succeed in this business.  Not only to the Interns have a mentor, but their weekly activity is tracked to ensure they stay on track.

Where there’s accountability there is action.  And where there is action there are results.  Working in real estate means that you get out in direct proportion to the effort that you put in – on the condition you are taught how to operate effectively.

After the 12 Month Intern program you should have all the skills that top agents have.  However, the beauty of the program is that you’re able to trade and earn an effective income at the same time.

During the process, you’re able to complete the NQF4 qualification, or even do this under the RPL (Recognition for Prior Learning) process, while still permitted by the Estate Agency Affairs Board.

Once you’re found competent by Services Seta, you’re then able to write your PDE4 Exam in order to qualify as a full-status agent.  It sounds like a long process – and it is – but when you’re able to learn and earn a living at the same time then it becomes an effective way to qualify.

If you’re considering a career in real estate – then why not interview real estate agencies in the market.  Find out what Intern programs they offer, how they mentor the Interns, and what their process is.  Find out about their company culture – determine if you’ll fit in.  Once you’ve identified where you believe you’ll do best then commit fully – as in 100%.  This is the sort of career where anything less than 100% just isn’t good enough.  But one thing I can say – the satisfaction of helping people with the real estate dreams is worth the effort!



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